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Although almost unremarkable, and against the backdrop of a downgraded O.B.R growth forecast, the first Autumn Statement contained three improvements in the reliefs and incentives on offer to UK innovators, in terms of improved RD relief for large companies and investment incentives in the RD sector. Perhaps an improvement in the SME RD…(Read More)

Two companies in the news recently may have been right to think that the Single Market ‘fair tax’ and ‘anti-competition’ mechanisms are, well, a little slow to catch up and enforce. Just today, and quite correctly, Commissioner Vestager has published a Statement bemoaning the 2003 Luxembourg- routed Amazon structure agreements that resulted in ‘illegal…(Read More)

Spring Budget 2017


Philip Hammond’s Budget Speech provided assurance for R & D companies of the government’s continued committment to the innovative economy. Although tax relief and tax credit rates are unchanged, some encouragement has been announced for larger companies and organisations at the forefront of new technologies. Perhaps eclipsed by ‘NICgate’ the Budget acknowledges Britain’s…(Read More)

Wednesday’s Autumn Statement was eclipsed by Theresa May’s pledge of ‘£2bn for UK Research & Development support’ announced in her speech to the C.B.I earlier in the week. It is always good to see support for R & D, even if short on detail, being pledged, at least over the ‘lifetime of this…(Read More)

An additional benefit for R & D businesses, which is often and sadly overlooked, is available for investment in land, plant and machinery or even company cars. The attached press article by Maria Kitt highlights many of the opportunities that this allowance presents. Please contact us if you would like further advice on this opportunity…(Read More)

The UK Government has published its commitment to sustaining R & D investment in various ‘post Brexit’ parliamentary questions and Committees. Current funding opportunities can be viewed on the live stream R & D Noticeboard by clicking on the links below. This will be put to the test in Hammond’s first Budget speech later this…(Read More)

UK R & D News Live


The UK has recently reorganised its R & D support bodies following the end of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. The new platform contains up to date funding competitions and regional grant information as well as good quality news upon the state of play in UK research programmes and development incentives. Follow the…(Read More)